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Huacaya Foundation

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Crescent Moon's Anna LuciaLight BrownProven11Ask 
 Crescent Moon's CateriDark BrownProven16Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Tel Do Tel Medium BrownProven11Ask 
 Estates Goddess of LuckTrue Black3/8 PeruvianProven6Ask 
 Ireland AlystDark FawnProven6Ask 
 Irish Meadows' My LacyLight FawnProven8Ask 
 LibertyAlpacas FreedomMedium FawnProven4Ask 
 Little CarmelaLight FawnProven9Ask 
 MFI Peruvian CriativityWhiteProven12Ask 
 MFI Peruvian Eternal DarknessTrue BlackProven11Ask 
 Mountain Sky's Secret PassionBay BlackProven9Ask 
 Our Mary JaneLight FawnProven11Ask 
 Our Peruvian FashionistaTrue BlackProven12Ask 
 PJA Bomber's AdriannaDark BrownProven7Ask 
 Presido's Ausable PirouetteTrue BlackProven11Ask 
 Red Granites A Midnight DandyTrue BlackProven9Ask 
 Red Granites AbebaDark FawnProven3Ask 
 Red Granites AdorabellWhiteProven10Ask 
 Red Granites AllisonTrue BlackProven9Ask 
 Red Granites BatieWhiteProven7Ask 
 Red Granites BiscuitBeigeProven3Ask 
 Red Granites Blue BellMedium BrownProven3Ask 
 Red Granites Butter RoseBeige, Light FawnProven6Ask 
 Red Granites Butterscotch Medium FawnUnproven<1Ask 
 Red Granites ChiloquinTrue BlackProven7Ask 
 Red Granites Courtesy of AlydarDark Fawn, Light BrownUnproven<1Ask 
 Red Granites DaisyDark Silver GreyProven6Ask 
 Red Granites Delta DawnLight FawnProven5Ask 
 Red Granites DenaeTrue BlackProven5Ask 
 Red Granites Denali By AlydarMedium FawnUnproven<1Ask 
 Red Granites FernLight BrownProven6Ask 
 Red Granites Freeta By BadgerLight FawnUnproven<1Ask 
 Red Granites Goldie OMedium Silver GreyProven5Ask 
 Red Granites JengaDark Rose GreyProven3Ask 
 Red Granites La LaWhiteProven8Ask 
 Red Granites Lady LuckTrue BlackProven3Ask 
 Red Granites Lakeshia RoseDark FawnProven3Ask 
 Red Granites Maggie MaeTrue BlackProven9Ask 
 Red Granites Miss ConceptionTrue BlackProven8Ask 
 Red Granites Odena By Val D LsereLight FawnUnproven2Ask 
 Red Granites ParisWhiteProven8Ask 
 Red Granites PopcornMedium Fawn, Light Brown, Medium BrownProven3Ask 
 Red Granites PumpkinLight Rose GreyProven9Ask 
 Red Granites Queen VictoriaWhiteNon-Breeder3Ask 
 Red Granites RiverLight FawnProven6Ask 
 Red Granites RivitingWhiteProven9Ask 
 Red Granites Sassafras By Val D LsereWhiteUnproven2Ask 
 Red Granites Sizlin CherubMedium BrownProven4Ask 
 Red Granites Sizlin LakotaLight FawnProven6Ask 
 Red Granites Sizlin LipstickLight BrownProven5Ask 
 Red Granites Sizlin VivaciousDark FawnProven5Ask 
 Red Granites Sleepy JeanBay Black, True BlackProven7Ask 
 Red Granites TatianaDark Brown, Bay BlackProven3Ask 
 Red Granites TatorTot By AlydarBay BlackUnproven<1Ask 
 Red Granites Vista By RembrandtWhiteProven9Ask 
 RGR Tell The World By Val D LsereMedium FawnUnproven1Ask 
 Snowmass CashminaLight Fawn 17Ask 
 Snowmass Conopa XXX VailWhiteProven12Ask 
 Snowmass Heaven's SpiceBeigeProven7Ask 
 Snowmass Loro LassWhiteProven5Ask 
 Snowmass Matrix BreckenridgeWhiteProven12Ask 
 Snowmass Secrets of the AndesWhiteUnproven1Ask 
 Snowmass Seven OrchidsBeigeProven8Ask 
 Snowmass Sizlin SunshineLight BrownProven16Ask 
 Snowmass Smoke N SilkMedium FawnProven6Ask 
 Snowmass Sunset DreamsWhiteProven13Ask 
 Tuscan's Mezzenotte Di Bella VitaTrue BlackProven12Ask 
 Ulio Hembra JuakaMedium Silver GreyProven12Ask 
 VAC's Beethoven's PrimroseBay Black 9Ask 


 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Amber Autumn Rising SonLight Silver GreyUnproven8Ask 
 ATV Adonnis Light Silver GreyProven18Ask 
 Crescent Moon's HottieDark FawnProven17Ask 
 Crescent Moon's LorenaLight BrownProven12Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Miss ChiviasDark BrownProven14Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Shiftin Gears WhiteProven18Ask 
 Crescent Moon's Tell Me WhyMedium FawnProven14Ask 
 Crescent Moon's VannaMedium FawnProven14Ask 
 Crescent Moon’s SimtustusMedium FawnProven12Ask 
 El Nino's Accoyo CassandraWhiteProven19Ask 
 HWA Plantel's PromiseDark FawnProven14Ask 
 Ice PrincessWhiteFull PeruvianProven21Ask 
 Lionheart's Connagher WhiteFull PeruvianProven21Ask 
 Our SunlightWhiteProven11Ask 
 Red Granites CarrieBeigeUnproven8Ask 
 Red Granites Clear CutTrue BlackUnproven4Ask 
 Red Granites FaithLight FawnProven11Ask 
 Red Granites Premonitions MachoWhiteProven10Ask 
 Red Granites Sundance By Val D LsereWhite, BeigeUnproven3Ask 
 RGR HerculesBay BlackUnproven7Ask 
 Snowmass ReservedDark BrownProven14Ask 
 Snowmass Wind SongWhiteProven13Ask 
 USA Peruvian ChassidyLight FawnFull PeruvianProven17Ask 
 WWF Accoyo's Betsy RossWhiteProven23Ask