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July 2021 - Carmelita
alpaca for sale

alpaca for sale

alpaca for sale

Fiber / Scientific Data

2022Fleece Weight: 10.8lbs
2021Fleece Length: 3.5 inches.
2021Fleece Weight: 5.1 lbs.
202117.3, 3.1, 18.0, 0.3, 53.5, 16.3

Consigned to 2022 Parade of Champions!

RGR Carmelita by Val D Lsere

ARI# 36081790   D.O.B. 9/13/2020

Huacaya, Female, Unproven | Beige

Sire: Red Granites Val D Lsere | ARI# 35241263  | Dark Fawn 
Dam: Little Carmela | ARI# 32431360  | Light Fawn 
Service Sire:     

Red Granites Carmelita is from the CARMEL line, via her Dam, Little Carmela. Little Carmela carries many incredible White genetic lines along with some of the best Color lines, which directed us to breed her to our three-time Supreme Champion, Red Granites Val D Lsere, which in turn, produced a bright and extremely uniform beige fleeced female, "RGR Carmelita By Val D Lsere," along with her other full-siblings.....

One of Carmelita's full-siblings is Red Granites Cinnamon -- a 12-time Champion/3-time Judges' Choice & Grand Champion Winner, who went on to be the highest selling female & second highest seller overall at the 2020 Amber Autumn Invitational Auction for $40,000, she sold to a Belgium breeder with an eye for success. The second full-sibling is Red Granites Casper -- also a 12-time Champion except in White. His fleece is much like his sires. Casper was the 2021 AOA National Fleece Show White Male Reserve Champion winner and the 2021 Futurity White Male Color Champion!

Carmelita is no slouch either, she is a two-time Reserve Color Champion winner being pulled from right behind the champion and beating many others in the Light Female Championships. She won a First Place at the 2022 AOA National Show, the judge commenting on her extremely long staple length with extreme uniformity that made her stand out over all of the other females in the class.

Carmelita's juvenile histogram is extremely impressive with a 3.1 SD, 17.3 AFD and 0.3 microns below 30. From the three times we have bred her parents together, Carmelita has the lowest SD, CV, microns below 30 traits and the longest staple length out of them.

Her phenotype is perfect, shes tall but stands on a frame built like her sires; big boned, and the perfect overall female for using in a breeding program. We know she will go on to do great things for her new owner, we feel that the next chapter in her life is to lay down and birth a ticket that will be the next generation leader. With her dam due with a rematch with Val D Lsere being due later this year, we are proud to offer Carmelita to a breeder looking to better there herd at the 2022 Parade of Champions auction in New York.

She comes with a non-transferable breeding, we suggest our new boy; Estates Passionate Fever!

Congratulations to Heather Glen Alpacas on the purchase of Carmelita!


Third Place Biege Female Yearling - 2022 Rocky Mountain Alpaca Showdown
First Place Beige Female Yearling - 2022 Great Western Alpaca Show
Fourth Place Beige Female Yearling - 2022 The Futurity
Second Place Beige Female Yearling - 2022 Mid America Alpaca Challenge
First Place Light Female YEarling Bred & Owned - 2022 MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show
First Place Beige Female Yearling - 2022 AOA National Show
Reserve Color Champion Light Female, Second Place Light Female Yearling - 2022 Illinois Alpaca & Fiber Fest
Second Place Light Female Yearling - 2022 RailSplitter Alpaca Show
Sixth Place Light Female Yearling - 2021 ABR Fall Festival Alpaca Show
Second Place Beige Female Yearling - 2021 Illinois Alpaca Show
Second Place Beige Female Yearling - 2021 North American Alpaca Show West
Reserve Color Champion Light Female, First PLace Beige Female Yearling - 2021 Northeast Alpaca Expo West
Third Place Beige Female Yearling - 2021 American Alpaca Showcase

Updated 8/10/2022