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Red Granite Ranch has a herd of over 500 alpaca in white, light, fawns, browns, blacks, greys and a few spotted fleeced alpacas here and there. Prices reflect on the quality, age and breeding of the animal. Discounts can be available for multiple purchases and payment terms can be arranged for known parties. Please contact us for more information.


When purchasing an alpaca from us as a out of United States buyer, we will arrange the quarantine process' as well as all of the other good stuff!

We have sold many alpacas across the globe, and all have been successful with very little hassle occurring.

Local Sales

Red Granite Ranch has a wonderful selection of animals for sale from pet quality through top-quality, show winning stock. We genuinely try to share our genetics and successes and are always happy to enter into partnerships and other arrangements with even our best stock, just ask and we would be happy to work something out.


Sharon & Marc Milligan 

Updated March 05, 2022