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We think it is important to give tours to let visitors open our doors and let them see what ranching is all about! We offer guided tours across all of our 400 acres of land! Visitors will see our breeding males & females who makes Red Granite Ranch what we are today, the main breeding barn as well as our two other big barns, and even get an up-close and personal interaction with the alpacas and horses! During our seasonal birthing months (March - August), visitors will get to see the mothers and babies frolicking in the pastures. During the month of May visitors are welcome to come and view our annual shearing time. We also offer private tours. Since RGR is a private breeding program, tours and visits are by appointment only and your promptness is always greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind we are usually running in shows from October - April, please be mindful on the times we are away at shows and cannot accept you visit appointments.


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 Is the tour handicap friendly?

There is of course walking being done, but the whole tour is done through our personal Can-Am off-road vehicles; however, if a wheelchair is needed to be stored for when we are in the vehicles, we can fold them up and put them in the storage place. But yes - our tours are very handicap friendly for the most part!

How far in advance do you need a reservation?

When you know what day you'd like to visit, give us a call, text or email because the earlier is better. In the past, we have typically only made reservations for a year out, nothing longer.

Where do I go once I get to the Ranch?

Once you arrive at the entrance gate of the ranch follow the road past our three barns and to the house. Give us a call when you are headed down from the entrance and we will be waiting for you to start the tour!

Is there a restroom?

Yes - there is a restroom at our main barn in the tackroom. There are also five bathrooms at the house, which are always welcome to be used when asked/needed.

Can children come?

Of course children are always welcome, but always by parent supervision! Warning: During our birthing month tours, females may have babies touring tours which does include the birth of the baby.

Is there a store?

We do not have a store place set up quite yet on the property but we have all of our sales products in our fleece room in the basement of the house. After our tour we usually take guests down to see if they would like to purchase something! It is also an online shop here on our website.

Do we have to have a reservation to get on a tour?

Yes, reservations aqre required to go on a tour or even visit the ranch. However, we take reservations up to a day in advance of a tour, so give us a call, text or email, call if a day or two in advance!

Can I request to see certain alpacas?

We usually have our top 10 breeding males and all breeding females inside the main barn to ensure there health and well-being. We do our best to let people see and meet all the alpacas and there favs; however no guarantees can be made for any showing. The health and welfare of the animals always comes first. :)

Are there places to sit down?

There are not benches or places to sit down along our tour. Once the tour is finished we usually head to the house to talk and chat, where seating and comfy chairs are available.

How long do the tours last?

From past tours, they on average last and hour to an hour and 20 minutes.


Updated June 27, 2022