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Why choose Red Granite Ranch?

At Red Granite Ranch, Ltd., We recognize the importance of honesty, credibility, and integrity to success in the alpaca industry. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all of our business relationships and breeding partnerships. 

We pledge to our Partners:

  • To treat you with respect in all dealings
  • To be honest and open in all communications
  • To disclose all material information 
  • To manage your investment professionally and with care

We also pledge to provide our alpacas with the best food and care available, and to never knowingly put them at risk, and to pro vide them with the best veterinary care possible. 


Reasons Red Granite Ranch sets the gold standard for alpaca breeding partnerships and relationships:

Performance (1): We’ve managed the breedings of several internationally recognized huacaya’s who have set show records for most Supreme Championship titles, most Judges’ Choice awards won, most Color/Reserve Championships won, etc., etc,. Our animals have won top prizes all across the United States & Canada, with out genetics winning big in Europe, Australia, United States and Canada.

Experience (2): Red Granite Ranch has been in the business since about 2007. We’ve syndicated hundreds of huacaya’s and have managed unique partnerships with owners across the globe. We have a dedicated experienced team and we’re here to stay.

Alpaca Care (3): Our animals come first. Partners second. Company third. That’s our guiding mantra. We do right by our animals and put their well-being first. We have an extremely good database that hold all the information we need, including our partners animals information for there stays. 

Communications (4): We deliver up to date and accurate information to our Partners. Honesty and transparency in communications are paramount to us - you will know the good and bad news. We are constantly our with the animals and therefor we have updates for our clients on how their animals are doing. 

Community (5): Red Granite Ranch’s partners join a community of people with a similar passion for this unique breeding lifestyle and overall excellence - we call it the RGR family. We encourage personal involvement by inviting our Partners to attend the shows with us and visit their animals on the property and or find their future RGR animals today. 

Customer Service (6): We have a robust service tram to serve everyone from coast to coast and across the world making accommodations, arranging visits, coordinating show participant logistics, and planning special events. 

Access (7): By owning alpacas with Red Granite Ranch, you’ll have access to a whole new world. You can get to know our staff, the owners, and the family. You can experience the overall magic it takes to run a program like this. 

Reputation (8): Integrity is the foundation of our business; our morals are the reason for our longevity. Marc and Sharon Milligan have a very good reputation in the Alpaca Breeding Industry. 

Model (9): Partners buy into individual horses with Red Granite Ranch. Sometimes we will offer packages and multiple purchase discounts for breedings and purchases. You have the freedom to invest in the alpaca(s) you like. 

Financial Disclosure (10): Every dollar is accounted for and recorded. We send clear and full financial disclosures to all of our partners in a timely manner.

National Presence (11): A number of our Partners have enjoyed traveling the country and world to come and watch our animals and or visit them at the ranch. Being involved in a national recognized breeding program provides you with the ability to explore new places and see some new faces! 


Get started NOW

Whether you are ready to pursue your dream for the first tome, or you’ve been an owner before and are looking to experience breeding at another level, explore owning a Red Granite Ranch Huacaya.





Updated March 04, 2023