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Harvest Host Reviews

Red Granite Ranch offers Harvest Host stays, here are what some of our stays have said about us!

Julie C: "We stayed one night on Sharon & Marc's alpaca farm. They were very accommodating letting us get there late around 8pm. We were able to use our generator (we only use it for short times to heat up stuff) and our slide out. Tons of space to park, of course, and we were pretty level. The next day, we were able to check out the alpacas in the barn and our two toddlers loved it! (And we did too!) Sharon & Marc took us around the farm for a tour of their huge 400 acre property. They were SO generous with their time and so sweet! All their staff were really nice too. We bought a few alpaca socks from them (2 pairs were made from their alpacas) and they are SO comfortable!"

Paul S: " We enjoyed the experience with Marc and Sharon at Red Granite Ranch  more than any other Harvest Host (although all have been positive). It was the highlight of our most recent trip. We say "ditto" to what other reviewers have said. We loved feeding the "mommas" and watching the babies run! Thanks many time over Marc and Sharon! We have told friends and family who live close to visit your ranch (call first)!"

Thomas C: "A great stay. Marc and Sharon were fantastic. We left with yarn, socks and a blanket and wanted more. The alpacas were friendly and great with our 2 year old. Overall such a positive experience."

Jeffrey S: "This place is amazing. So enjoyed our visit, learned all about alpacas. The hosts were amazing, took time to show us the ranch, we were able to walk amused the alpacas, saw the new babies and were able to purchase alpaca products made from their animals. They really take wonderful care of their animals and can tell they real enjoy what they are doing. The ranch is in a beautiful spot! Thanks again!"

Kirt C: "This was our best HH stay yet! Marc and Sharon made us feel completely at home as well as sharing their knowledge and love of their Alpacas with us as well as other guests just stopping by the ranch. It's in a gorgeous location with amazing views and the hospitality was top notch. Our 14 year old was super happy here too. We would highly recommend this host and stop here again!"

Sandra V: " Red Granite Ranch set a very high bar for future Harvest Host stays. Marc and Sharon are wonderful hosts - friendly, patient with our many questions, very generous with their time, and true professionals with their alpacas. Our first evening Marc spent over an hour with us in the barn showing us the newborns and mommas, bottle feeding a baby whose mother wasn't up to the task, and giving us the history of the ranch and highlighting the many awards they had won when showing their alpacas. The next morning we were treated to a driving tour of the 400 acre ranch which has its own history going back to the covered wagon days. Then a stop at their home to view and purchase alpaca yarn and socks and wish for a return visit to buy a beautiful rug. We finished up by sitting on a big rock in the middle of the corral and feeding lettuce to the throng of alpacas who surrounded us on all sides. This was a truly memorable experience which we hope to repeat with our grandchildren some day soon."

Chuck K: "The host went out of our way to share with us the day to day operations of the farm. They were so nice and answered all our curious questions with a smile. We can't wait to return and bring our children and grand baby out to visit.

Hunter R: "Fantastic Experience! The best we've had as Harvest Host members since joining. The owners, Marc and Sharon, are extremely gracious and a pleasure to visit with. The afternoon we arrived, they provided us a two-hour tour of the ranch, its facilities and their entertaining, friendly Alpacas. In the morning, their ranch manager invited us to help herd the Alpacas to their various outdoor locations and to also play with a few of the "youngsters" and babies. They also offer a variety of Alpaca products made from the wool of their animals to include: socks, knit caps, and rigs of various sizes. Can't say enough positive things about this visit. High recommended, especially for animal lovers."

Ghathaway3: "This beautiful location HIGH up in the Colorado Rockies was a fabulous experience. We arrived mid afternoon and were immediately granted an ATV tour around the ranch. She introduced us to the Alpacas and made things very easy for us. The next morning we got a fascinating tour through the barns and fields. We held the babies, watched new babies being made, and otherwise communed with the herds. The ranch owners were most gracious even though it was a busy time for them. The views were beautiful with the high rockies, snow capped, in the distance. One minor complaint was the 8 miles of touch dirt road with plenty of sharp turns and steep grades. We managed and would definitely do it again."

1Navigator: "Marc and Sharon were absolutely amazing hosts. Both retired cops. Been working their ranch for 13 years. breeding, showing, auctioning, etc. They took 3 hours of their bust schedules to show us around the beautiful 400 acres. All the while answering every question we had. Very informative and funny these two are. Spectacular view of the mountains. They run an alpaca ranch. We even got to mingle with the alpacas (Aqua, French, PJ to name few) and get to know a few of the ranch hands (Gary, Marie and Andrew) Marc and Sharon are both very hands on. Even got to purchase a beautiful (as well as very warm) alpaca blanket and socks. Huge!! Fell in love with their cat Shelby! So welcoming she was! We got to experience what they deal with on a daily basis. Watched behavior tests. I even got spit on hahahahahah the alpaca are very well taken care of. For this being our first Harvest host experience...we sure hope other hosts are as wonderful as Marc and Sharon were. The only down fall with our stay was the WIND! But, we look forward to returning. Deep thanks to Marc and Sharon as well as their help for such a wonderful experience."

Updated July 13, 2022