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Herdsire Directory

Your Resource for Elite Stud Males from all over the Globe.

The Red Granite Ranch Herdsire & Customer Sire Directory's can all be found here! 

The Red Granite Ranch Herdsire Directory & Customer Sire Directory's are informational Stud books including not only RGR sires being used but also either former RGR sires, males we have sold, or sons by an RGR female or male. Full of information about each stud male; including EPDs, Histograms & Skin Biopsies, Show results, and breif desciptions. These males can not only be found within the North American limits but also across Europe & Australia. So, there is truly a male for everyone! 

These directory's are made in hopes to help you find the best fit sire for your female/program, whether that be through a breeding or two, a lease, or a half/full ownership purchase. If you are unsure of a male and need guidance we would be more than willing to help you decide.

We at Red Granite Ranch are committed to the Alpaca Industry - WORLD WIDE, and hope this helps our clients find their perfect male! If you have questions contact us, we would be happy to chat.


2024 Herdsire Directory & Customer Sire Directory

Sunday, January 28, 2024