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With the rise of interest, we decided to put a document together for our oversea buyers and those interested in staying up to date with exporting alpacas out of the United States to Canada and Europe, Australia has closed the borders...

Currently, Europe has a New Animal Health Act. From the United States the animals have to export through Canada. The United States/Canada protocol is 93 days in quarntine in the United States at a specialized facility (we used Standford Livestock, Amanda VandenBosch). The alpacas will then move to Canada for a 24 month TB sullviellence period at an approved quarantine. The facility can only have the export group on facility under the TB sullviellence. 

In Germany, they are not able to travel outside due to TB issues and testing, this is subject to cahnge by 2026. 

There is a possibility time can be reduced in Canada to 16-months but it is done on a case by case basis and depends on where alpacas originate and any disease outbreaks during the quarntine period within a region.

Qaurntines usually run every Spring and Fall of each year, depending on the facilitator this will not be the same.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024