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Foundation Huacaya Alpacas

Open (Female)

Multiple Champion Canadian Girl!!
Open (Female) 1 yr Medium Fawn Unproven
Double National Champion! Fleece & Halte
Open (Female) 13 yrs Light Brown Proven
Open (Female) 14 yrs White, Light Rose Grey Proven
Leviathan x Rembrandt cross!
Open (Female) 3 yrs Dark Brown Proven
Incredible in every way!!
Open (Female) 1 yr Medium Fawn Unproven
12.2 micron fleece - producing champions
Open (Female) 13 yrs White Proven
Offspring have won over 25 banners...
Open (Female) 10 yrs Light Fawn Proven
Open (Female) 14 yrs White Proven
Innsbruck daughter!
Open (Female) Under 1 yr True Black
Open (Female) 7 yrs Dark Brown Proven
Shiftin Daughter
Open (Female) 8 yrs White Proven
Open (Female) 5 yrs Medium Brown Proven
4X Champion; Top-Class Kirwin Daughter!
Open (Female) 6 yrs True Black Proven
13 micron fleece...lingering fineness
Open (Female) 7 yrs Light Brown Proven
Simply Gorgeous - EEa2a3!!!
Open (Female) 1 yr Light Silver Grey Unproven
Open (Female) 4 yrs Dark Fawn Proven
Full Sister to Judges Choice winner!!
Open (Female) 1 yr Dark Fawn Unproven
WOW - a freak fleece!!
Open (Female) 1 yr Light Fawn Unproven
Open (Female) 9 yrs White Proven
Futurity Champon & JC winner!
Open (Female) 6 yrs Dark Brown Proven
Open (Female) 8 yrs Light Fawn Proven
Champion! Sister to ALYDAR!!
Open (Female) 1 yr True Black Unproven
18.3 AFD @ 5YO!
Open (Female) 6 yrs Medium Fawn Unproven
Direct daughter of Snowmass Cashmina!
Open (Female) 4 yrs Beige Unproven
Our BEST black produced!
Open (Female) 3 yrs True Black Unproven
Open (Female) 9 yrs Bay Black, True Black Proven
Open (Female) 6 yrs Beige Proven
3-time Fleece Champion + Best Handle!!
Open (Female) 3 yrs Beige Proven
Open (Female) 11 yrs White Proven
First @ Nationals!
Open (Female) 2 yrs Dark Brown Unproven
Dam of Val D Lsere
Open (Female) 13 yrs White Proven
Open (Female) 6 yrs White Proven
Open (Female) 18 yrs Light Brown Proven
Open (Female) 1 yr True Black Unproven
5X Champion; Multi-Champion Producer!
Open (Female) 11 yrs Bay Black


Open (Female) Light Brown
Open (Female) Dark Brown Proven
Open (Female) White, Medium Silver Grey Proven
Granddam of Val D Lsere!
Open (Female) Dark Fawn Proven
Open (Female) Dark Fawn, Medium Rose Grey Proven
Open (Female) Dark Fawn Proven
Open (Female) White Proven
Open (Female) Medium Fawn Proven
Open (Female) True Black Proven
Open (Female) Beige Unproven
Open (Female) White Proven
Open (Female) White
Open (Female) Light Fawn Proven
Open (Female) White Proven