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Alpaca Meat

"La Viande"

Alpaca meat is one of the healthiest and most flavorful meat’s in the world. The alpaca from the Camelidea family is the only mammal to produce an elliptical shape red blood cell. This design by nature ensures highly oxygenated blood for extreme conditions and high altitudes. The alpaca also is equipped with specialized stomachs being a rare ruminant that can metabolize high nutrition from low protein high roughage food sources.

The meat is lean, tender and almost sweet. There are many health benefits of alpaca meat in comparison to the traditional livestock meats. It is the meat of the Andes and one of the healthiest and oldest food sources of the Incan’s and pre-Incans, and remains a South American delicacy as well as important daily food source.

Quoted from Alpaca Farm BC. “Alpaca meat is described as a mild meat which takes on the flavor of what it’s mixed with., tender and lean, high in protein with no fatty after taste. In parts of South America, alpacas & llamas have been used as a source of meat and skins for thousands of years, and it is the main source of protein in their daily diets. Alpaca meat is not only rich in proteins, but also low in fat & has the lowest level of cholesterol of any meat. The numbers of alpacas in North America, are growing to a level where we need to develop the meat aspect of the business so the fleece industry and the stud industry can survive, grow and prosper long-term. Alpaca farming is more than the business of producing first class priced silky soft fiber. Done properly, the alpaca can be utilized with very little waste. All other fiber producing livestock industries have secondary markets of meat and hides. Approximately 50% of a carcass is used as prime cuts, such as loin cutlets and steaks, which are sold in either the fresh or frozen meat market. Secondary cuts are processed into sausages, hot dogs and processed alpaca hams.”

Red Granite Ranch has been harvesting their alpacas for meat for many years now. We harvest with great respect and care giving our many thanks to the alpaca for their harvest. We have many males that are sent to good homes for those that wish to harvest the fiber only and have a source of rich manure for compost, garden and agricultural needs. We have also given many to children interested in 4H and raising and learning more about this magnificent breed.

We love our alpacas and they receive the utmost care in every sense. Animal Husbandry is a lifelong endeavor of ours and part of Animal husbandry is knowing the most humane ways of harvesting our stock for meat and hide.

May 11, 2024